Intense Dance Series

Who is the Intense Dance Series "On 1" for?

- Do you like to meet people?
- Do you like to exercise?
- Want to learn how to dance with precision timing to any Salsa song?
- Want to be able to dance without requiring a dance partner?
- Want to learn basic social dancing techniques and concepts?
- Want to learn basic following technique?
- Want to learn basic leading technique
- Want to learn basic Pachanga?
- Want to learn basic Body movement?
- Want to learn Musicality?
- Want to learn Salsa spinning technique?
- Want to learn Salsa dancing technique?
- Want to learn & see how Mambo cha-cha basics are applied to Salsa?
- Want to learn new Salsa shines / footwork?
- Want to learn partnering patterns?
- Want to receive intense Salsa training ( Tuesday 2 hours from 19.00 - 21.00/ plus 1 hour WS - please ask for the specific dates if you are intrerested)
 for 3 months?

If you answer yes, to all these questions then this is the right class for you.  

- Learn to Salsa partner dance with absolute confidence & grace . 
- Get fit.
- Develop a learning bond with all those around you that have the same dance goals as you.
- Enjoy great music.
- If you wish to experience the exhilaration of public venue performances in our Show Dance Theatre, this is step number 1 : )

What is: Salsa "On1"?
-Learn to dance Salsa breaking on the 1st count of the basic 2 measure step. Notice that this way of dancing was developed by Latinos at the Palladium Ball room, in New York city, to accommodate large groups of people in small crowded night clubs. ( Much like availability of large spaces in Europe is limited, due to high rent costs ) This dance method is by far the most common method around the world to dance Salsa- all 7 continents in the world have a large following of Salsa "On1". Salsa is a "slot dance" developed to encourage partner dancing.  It will be a pleasure for us to show you more about this dance along with others!

What is the Intense Dance Series "On1"?
LA SandunGuera is unique in many ways, but one big distinction is our intense salsa / mambo training program. You do not have to aspire to perform in order to train with LA SandunGuera. Everyone is given a chance to learn if they have a passion for salsa and a positive attitude. LA SandunGuera members are trained to develop skills and techniques that they can carry into the social dance floor. Gallo & Wally encourage all members to utilize the patterns and shines they teach in workshops, socials or anytime a member goes dancing.

LA SandunGuera's "Intense Dance Series" is the place that has been a  proven  success to learn the principles of salsa dancing, partnering techniques, styling, footwork and turn pattern spinning. LA SandunGuera's "Intense Dance Series" provides a dancer with intense rehearsals, yet offers them a supportive atmosphere to facilitate faster progress. Because of a growing interest in our community to learn to dance better, we are happy to welcome you to the Intense Dance Series program. We are committed to bringing out the best in you as a dancer by sharing our love of salsa / mambo dancing- without the pressure of choreographies or performing.

-Please note this program is for high level beginner / intermediate dancers, no partner required.
-Pre-registration recommended as space is limited.
- IMPORTANT: THIS IS A  NO REFUNDS commitment / Once the program begins its 3 month period, no more dancers will be admitted until the beginning of the next series.

When does the "Intense Dance Series" take place?
- The Intense Dance Series begins 3 times per year.
- Intense Dance Series lasts 3 months for a total of 36 hours of training & workshops.

We look forward to meeting you & helping you refine your technical skills, after we have taught you the basic skills of Salsa dancing in our Intense Dance Series On"1" program!