Palladium Voyage

We look forward to hosting dancers of every level who come from near & far April 10 - 12th of 2015 for the 6. Palladium Voyage 2015.

Please visit our official Festival homepage for more information.

Dear Friends & Family of Dancers:

 We are very greatful to our community for supporting our monumental endeavors. From our Teams, Students, other businesses, & every single person that supports our movement...we want you to know how much your trust & encouraging words mean to our organizations. We hope to celebrate with every dance level: From our "Salsa Babies" to the World class Salsa dancing Artists that collaborate with us, in honor of a great heritage...a melting pot of Mambo & Salsa dancers from all walks of life!

 The Palladium opened in 1947 just as the bittersweet residuals of a finished war were hitting the U.S. New York's Latin population boomed after the war, facilitating the need for larger entertainment venues outside of traditional Latin neighborhoods. This massive influx of people from The Caribbean: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and other South American countries inlaid bursts of different cultures into traditionally Anglo notions of nightlife. The Palladium would not follow in the relatively sedate footsteps of New York's burgeoning 40s dance scene.

 As the club grew in popularity, it became the natural nesting ground for a new music craze jelling Cuban rhythms with African folk beats -- the mambo.

 It hardened into a sexy and athletic -- but somehow accessible -- dance at the Palladium. Those perfecting it at the ballroom fused the skills of ballet dancers and acrobats into acts of statuesque sweep and grace.