Track Record


Welcome to the very first Salsa school-organization in Europe, with a Global reputation in the Salsa Community as trusted & respected Performers, Instructors & Event Organizers since 2009.

As of December of 2013 LA SandunGuera is at the avant-garde of Salsa in Germany becoming the first German school with a global ranking in the world wide respected "World Latin Dance Cup" competition promoted around the world by Mr. Albert Torres. There is no higher or more respected Latin dance competition. The "World Latin Dance Cup" is host to over 40 countries & more than 800 dancers that come from around the world to compete once a year.

LA SandunGuera holds 3 places in the world rankings of the WLDC. Two as Semi-Finalsists ( Salsa Professional ON2 /  Salsa Professional with Amateur also danced ON2 ) and one 3d place Finalist ( Salsa Amateur over 65 ). The first 2 divisions mentioned ( Pro ON2 & Professional with Amateur or Pro-Am ) are among the most toughly competed divisions around the world.

LA SandunGuera Bremen Salsa Dance Theater is a dancing school & a Salsa performance dance company located at Frühlingstraße 7 in Bremen, Germany. The organization is directed by Husband & Wife Team of Gallo & Wally Suarez:

-LA SandunGuera competing at the "World Latin Dance Cup" in Miami Florida, U.S.A. December of 2013. Videos will be added when the events official channel has added them.

Gallo & Wally: LA SandunGuera Directors Semi Finals Professional ON2 Salsa Division

Gallo & Malin Semi Finals Professional with Amateur ( Pro-Am ) Division

Gallo & Ainsley Qualifiers Professional with Amateur ( Pro-Am ) Division

Daniel & Katja Finals 3d place winners Amateur over 65 Division


-LA SandunGuera performing at the San Francisco Salsa Festival in California, U.S.A. March of 2013. Here is the video.

-LA SandunGuera with MR. Eddie Torres founder of the N.Y. ON2 Mambo dance style at the Holland Summer Salsa Congress in 2012, after a performance. He has also single handedly reintroduced the Pachanga dance style ( 1950's & 60's ) to the modern world.

-LA SandunGuera performing in Europe's first & oldest Salsa Club: Tropicana in Milan, Italy May of 2011

-LA SandunGuera was the very first performing dance school in Europe to start an International Salsa Festival with 1st place winners of the World Salsa Championships in the U.S.A. Their Festivals name: "Palladium Voyage" was the worlds first festival made to honor the origins of Mambo dancers...The Palladium Ballroom in New York City..."the home of the Mambo." Their Festival has become home to Bremen's oldest Salsa Festival:

-The 5 year Anniversary of the Annual Palladium Voyage International Salsa Festival-Bremen is May 2-4 of 2014, save the date!

-LA SandunGuera was the very first Salsa performing dance school in Europe to have one of the worlds first Salsa Congress Promoter/Inventor visit their school personally: Mr. Albert Torres. He is the Producer of the World Latin Dance Cup...the Salsa Industry Standard around the world for having THE very best & most professional Salsa performers in the entire world. Mr. Torres is celebrating the 16th Anniversary of his Los Angeles, Salsa Festival in May of 2014:

-MR. Albert Torres at LA SandunGuera Bremen Salsa Dance Theatre April of 2013

Article in Rolling Stone Magazine about MR. Torres.

-LA SandunGuera is the only Salsa school / organization you can attend in Germany where ALL their classes are taught Bilingual: English & German to keep an International appeal.

-LA SandunGuera is the only Salsa school you can attend in Germany where you can be taught to social dance as a pass time or be challenged into even MORE fun through their curriculum in their Intense Dance Series. After attaining a high level of proficiency in dancing, dancers can work with LA SandunGuera to become International performers that could earn the right to compete in Miami Florida, at the World Latin Dance Cup.

- LA SandunGuera Amateur Team Show is here on video.

-LA SandunGuera specializes in teaching beginners & people with no previous dance experience on a daily basis. They are also known for teaching people of all ages, who have no desire to perform or compete & simply wish to exercise, meet new people or just because they are "young at heart" in their Social Dance Theatre.

-The choice is yours, but isn't it nice to know that you can learn Salsa / Mambo / Bachata / Chacha / in a world class, but down to earth & friendly environment? Your invited to learn about Latin American culture, history, music, & dance at: LA SandunGuera Bremen Salsa Dance Theatre!