Show Dance Theatre

Who is the Show Dance Theatre for?
- Dancers that have completed the Intense Dance Series program at least one time.
- By auditioning for a place in the Team
- After auditioning... by invitation only, as space is limited to no more than 3 couples.
- Only for those who express a desire to perform.
- Full details explained in person to all who wish to qualify & have met the above mentioned basic requirements.
What is the Show Dance Theatre?
LA SandunGuera Show Dance Theatre is the place that has been a  proven  success to apply the principles of salsa dancing, partnering techniques, styling, footwork and turn pattern spinning. LA SandunGuera Show Dance Theatre provides a dancer with intense rehearsals, yet offers them a supportive atmosphere to facilitate faster progress. You will be trained to have the ability to memorize, internalize & interpret choreography for a 2 minute song in which you will execute 100 to 120 measures of musical choreography. We are committed to bringing out the best in you as a dancer by sharing our love of salsa / mambo dancing- regardless of the pressure of performing choreographies with an anticipated & announced dead line.
If you have what it takes, we look forward to working together with you & helping you learn our own style, after we have taught you choreography in the Show Dance Theatre!