Social Theatre


Who is the Social Dance Theatre for?


- Would you like to learn German while learning to dance?

-Would you like to integrate into the German speaking community, but are too afraid to bother a stranger?

- Would you like to brush up on your Spanish skills by hearing music with Spanish lyrics or talking to people in Spanish?

- Getting ready to visit a foreign land & you would like an opportunity to speak another language besides Engish?

-Would you like to be involved in a very multi-cultural organization?

- Do you like to meet people?

- Do you like to exercise?

- Want to learn the basic steps of Salsa?

- Want to learn how to dance with correct timing to any Salsa song?

-Want to enjoy a weekly repetition of what you have learned in the course?
- Want to be able to dance without requiring a dance partner?

If you answer yes to some of these question, then this is the right class for you.  

- Get rid of the stress of not knowing what to do when you dance with a complete stranger. 
- Get fit.
- Make more friends in class & while out dancing.
- Enjoy great music.
What is: Salsa "On1"?
-Learn to dance Salsa breaking on the 1st count of the basic 2 measure step. Notice that this way of dancing was developed by Latinos at the Palladium Ball room, in New York city, to accommodate large groups of people in small crowded night clubs. ( Much like availability of large spaces in Europe is limited, due to high rent costs ) This dance method is by far the most common method around the world to dance Salsa- all 7 continents in the world have a large following of Salsa "On1". Salsa is a "slot dance" developed to encourage partner dancing.  It will be a pleasure for us to show you more about this dance along with others in more detail!
What is a Salsa "On1" Beginner?
-Beginner means that you are learning:
-3/2 & 2/3 Clave
-Basic leading & following turn signals & patterns
What is a Salsa "On1" Intermediate?
-Intermediate means that you are building on the beginner class foundation with:
- Intermediate level shines
- Learn to hear the Conga for timing
- Intermediate level leading & following patterns
When do these classes take place?
-Here is our current schedule of classes.
We look forward to meeting you & helping you find your own style, after we have taught you the basic skills of Salsa dancing in our Social Dance Theatre!